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Category: Life-Size Sharks Underwater Creatures
Life-Size Sharks Underwater Creatures

Life-Size Sharks Underwater Creatures

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Life-Size Sharks Underwater Creatures

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Catalog # 140272537X

What lives beneath the waves? Find out, in an exciting and unique exploration of oceans, rivers, and lakes. Life-size, fold-out pictures bring you face to face with such extraordinary beasts as the deadly, black banded sea krait and carry you into a great white shark's "jaws of death." Examine the sawfish's saw--shown in actual size--which slices and dices its prey. Enter the ocean's "twilight zone" that lies deep, deep below the surface. Visit the thriving coral reefs where bright and beautiful fish swim amid lush plants. From giant squids and barracuda to Portuguese man-of-war fish and eels who cross the Atlantic just to give birth, each one has an incredible story to tell. And as an added bonus, the reverse of the jacket is a poster of a great white shark!

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