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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Amazing Greenland
Amazing Greenland

Amazing Greenland


Amazing Greenland

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Catalog # 9781522953579

Amazing Greenland

This book walks you through the world's largest non-continental island blanketed with ice two miles thick, a wonderland where glaciers meet the sea and icebergs chock the fields. For more than 4000 years the settlers have called this marginal land home. Join your tourmates Troy (the fennec fox), and Tamias (the chipmunk), to explore the commuting tips and twenty reasons for visiting Greenland. Remarkable landscapes, exceptional wildlife, iceberg-choked fjords, falls, hot-springs, cool and fresh air, picture-postcard villages, and aurora luminescence - unique to the far north, are some of them. Feel adrenaline spark by taking a helicopter ride over the glaciers and formidable bergs between the towns, land on the snow-coated mountains to dog-sled or snow-mobile drive. Try kayaking, hiking, diving, and heli-skiing. Taste the impeccable Greenlandic cuisine rich in marine-mammal dishes, extraordinary seasoning, and the tastiest glacier ice-beer ever. Whether you crave a tranquil solitude or plucky escapade, this practical guide takes you to the heart of the Cold Haven. Welcome to the land of Vikings, Paleo-Eskimos, Inuits, and the brave Dutch!

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