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Category: Books >> Collectible >> Superyachts Vol 32 2019
Superyachts Vol 32 2019

Superyachts Vol 32 2019


Superyachts Vol 32 2019

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Superyachts Vol 31 2018

The industry's acknowledged gold standard in showcasing the very best private yachts, the 2019 edition presents an exclusive tour of 20 superlative new yachts, scaling 40 metres to 110 metres in length. CONTENTS : Tour 20 outstanding superyachts, all with remarkable diversity, quality and beauty Inspirational yachts debuting in this year's edition include: Go, New Secret and Irisha Pushing technology and design: discover this year's World Superyacht Awards Sailing Yacht of the year Pink Gin Showcasing 5 Boat International Design Award Winners including Jubilee and Ngoni Updated register of the world's 200 largest yachts, including 11 new entries 500 pages, 18 deck plans, 623 yacht photographs, index to 726 yachts in volumes 1 - 32 Special feature: Chasing the definition of Luxury Foreword by the owners of Seasense The Yachts: Andiamo, Areti, Aurora, Aviva, Barbara, Cyclone, Endeavour II, Go, Haida 1929, Home, Irisha, Jubilee, New Secret, Ngoni, Pink Gin, Planet Nine, Seasense, Seven, Vanish, Viatoris

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