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Category: Publications >> Paper Publications >> Government >> Jane's Fighting Ships 2018 2019 Yearbook
Jane's Fighting Ships 2018 2019 Yearbook

Jane's Fighting Ships 2018 2019 Yearbook


Jane's Fighting Ships 2018 2019 Yearbook

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Janes Fighting Ships yearbook 2018-2019 Version

Do you need a resource for naval battleship identification training? Do you model naval offensive or defensive scenarios?

Turn to Jane’s Fighting Ships for the world’s most comprehensive and reliable open-source naval reference available, covering 165 navies and 57 coast guards. It provides detailed overviews, specifications, photographs and silhouettes of naval platforms and military ships in development, in production and in service worldwide. Customers may purchase the print yearbook from our online store or subscribe to the online version that offers interactive research capabilities and the most up-to-date content.

Military, security and commercial firms use Jane’s Fighting Ships to:

+4,700 records across 165 navies, 57 coast guards and 6 border guard countries
Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisitions
Conduct industry market research
Model maritime threat scenarios
Discover new defense market opportunities
Publication date: July 2018

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