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Category: Charts - Digital >> Garmin >> Lakeview – All >> SD/MSD Card >> LCA100F MSD Canada Lakevu Hd
LCA100F MSD Canada Lakevu Hd

LCA100F MSD Canada Lakevu Hd


LCA100F MSD Canada Lakevu Hd

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Catalog # LCA100F MSD

The Advanced Freshwater Fishing Map

Coverage on more than 13,500 total lakes, of which 4,800 are HD maps with up to 1' contours to provide a clearer view of the lake floor to catch more fish and navigate with confidence.

  • Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges enables you to view your target depth at a glance

  • Shallow Water Shading lets you input and shade a minimum depth to help you avoid running aground

  • Displays detailed shorelines and coastlines as well as underwater features like riverbeds, fish attractors and potential hazards

Coverage of 13,500 Canadian lakes and reservoirs covering Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Yukon Territory. Includes the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Lake of the Woods. Hudson Bay is not included.

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