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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Companion To Easter Island
Companion To Easter Island

Companion To Easter Island


Companion To Easter Island

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Companion To Easter Island

The essential guidebook to this mysterious and enigmatic island, and the only book about Easter Island written by someone who lives there. This guidebook includes the island's history, culture and all of its significant archaeological sites. It also contains all of the practical information needed for your visit, including island activities and up-to-date restaurant and shopping recommendations. It will also tell you the best times to visit the sites in order to get the optimal light for photography and to avoid the crowds, as well as many other 'local' tips that no other guidebook will tell you. Contains over 100 color photos of Easter Island, as well as color maps of both the island and the one town, Hanga Roa.

Author: James Grant Peterkin
Pages: 170
ISBN: 9789563326413

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