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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Vanuatu Far Flung Places Guide
Vanuatu Far Flung Places Guide

Vanuatu Far Flung Places Guide


Vanuatu Far Flung Places Guide

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Catalog # 9781534864313

Vanuatu Far Flung Places Guide

The only current detailed guide to the islands of Vanuatu, with invaluable information not just on the main islands, but also the more rarely visited outer islands. Including maps and detailed listings.

Learn how to travel around, find the best places to visit, stay and eat for a memorable holiday in these islands of fire and beauty.

Includes a guide for Cruise Ship passengers to make the most of their short stay.

Accompanied by a selection of stories about places, events and people in Vanuatu which will transport the armchair traveller to this incredible Pacific nation, while giving more background and details for the intrepid visitor.

In the Pacific Ocean lies the islands of Vanuatu, one of the world’s best kept secrets. Find out why it has won ‘Happiest Nation on Earth’ not once, but twice.

- See an active volcano erupting while standing on the edge of the crater.

- Relax in resorts, eat great food, watch fire dancing, and drink the local kava.

- Swim on white sandy beaches with waters that fizz like champagne.

- Dive and snorkel the world’s most accessible shipwreck, larger than the Titanic.

- See the water musicians of Gaua.

- Discover the history and culture, including carvings, art and World War II relics.

Far Flung Places Guide Books provide up-to-date listings on travel, accommodation, attractions and food. Accompanied by a selection of stories, which give more background and details of the destination, including:

* Experience the John Frum Celebration Day

* Surfing down a Volcano

* Living by solar power and bartering in remote village

* The incredible water music on Gaua

* Detailed guides to climbing volcanoes in Tanna, Gaua, Ambrym and Ambae

and much more...

Author: Simon Proudman
Edition 2016
Pages: 324

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