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Category: Lobster In My Pocket
Lobster In My Pocket

Lobster In My Pocket

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Lobster In My Pocket

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Catalog # 1551094231

Lee lives in a beautiful little fishing village with lots of boats and wide-open spaces but with no other kids her age. To make matters worse, her cat Nosey has disappeared. Things are looking down until Lee finds a talking lobster! He rattles off rhymes, begging to be set free. Lee rescues the lobster, names him Lucky and keeps him in her shirt pocket until her mother says she can't keep him. She lets Lucky go free and he says "I'll help you one day as you helped me!" Well, that day soon comes when Lee needs help and her old friend comes to the rescue. She has a very lucky day. Lobster in my Pocket was first printed in 1987 and has been a long-time favorite read for young Maritimers. This edition features full-colour illustrations for the first time.

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