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Category: Great White Shark Myth And Reality
Great White Shark Myth And Reality

Great White Shark Myth And Reality

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Great White Shark Myth And Reality

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Great White Shark Myth And Reality

'Great White Shark' covers all aspects of this great but sadly misunderstood ocean predator. There are three sections: Portrait of the Great White; Searching for the Great White; and Requiem for the Great White? Together they describe shark biology and behaviour (some of it previously unknown, such as hunting in groups) and describe how researchers and conservationists study and protect sharks. The last section considers the plight of the shark and paints an accurate portrait of this remarkable creature. It also surveys the deadly dangers faced by great white sharks, such as finning and ocean garbage. More than 100 dramatic photographs of sharks fill the book. Topics include: * The role of the great white shark in marine ecosystems; * 10 myths about great white sharks; * Complete survey of great white shark biology and behaviour; * Great white shark attacks; * Identifying and tagging sharks; * Types of transmitters and how sharks are tagged; * Shark cages; * Shark protection around the world; * Range map and essential facts; * Protection legislation; * Further reading for adults and children, films and internet sites. Four experts - underwater photographer Frederic Buyle, oceanographer Catherine Vadon, marine zoologist Michael Scholl, and marine biologist Bernard Seret - reflect on the future of the species now living on borrowed time. 'Great White Shark' writes an exciting new chapter in shark research for naturalists interested in marine life, students and popular science readers.show less

Author: Alexandrine Civard-Racinais & Photographer Patrice Heraud
Publisher: Firefly Books LTD
Edition: 2017
Number of Pages: 144

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