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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Log Books >> Log Ports And Passes Skipper's Logbook
Log Ports And Passes Skipper's Logbook

Log Ports And Passes Skipper's Logbook


Log Ports And Passes Skipper's Logbook

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Log Ports And Passes Skipper's Logbook

Many northwest cruisers have talked about the need for a new design for a logbook that covers the information they want and need, and not a lot of information that is no longer relevant.

Chyna Sea, the publishers of the popular Ports and Pass Tides & Currents book, spent time with many cruisers to develop this new logbook design which includes space for tides and current information for the day, notes on the weather, and the state of consumables. Basically, all the information you need and not including the information that may have been pertinent years ago. The time is right for a new, fresh design for a logbook. We think you will love this new approach.

The logbook includes 100 daily journal pages, which means that it will meet most people’s needs for a full boating season. The daily journal pages have spaces to record all the details of a passage (barometer, wind, sea, visibility, and the distance run), engine hours, and fuel and water consumption.

And, since this is a Ports and Passes branded book, it also includes space for the tides and currents of the day and in the back of the book is a template for calculating tides and currents at secondary ports, and tables for conversion of metric to US units.

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