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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Navigation Tools >> Miscellaneous >> W&P Crewwatcher Two Beacons
W&P Crewwatcher Two Beacons

W&P Crewwatcher Two Beacons


W&P Crewwatcher Two Beacons

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Catalog # CREW2

W&P Crewwatcher Two Beacons

CrewWatcher is an app-based crew overboard alarm system that is the fastest way to rescue a person who is overboard. The system works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components: a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crew. The beacon does not require complex manual activation. The alarm will trigger automatically in a Man Overboard (MOB) event. Should someone go overboard, after sounding the alarm, the app will automatically provide lat/long coordinates of the MOB event, the time of the event, and will visually guide the rescuer using the virtual MOB compass. #Crew 2 includes two beacons; for only 1 beacon, please see the #Crew 1 item.

Unique CrewWatcher Features Include:
FREE App operates on most smart phones or tablets & is easy to use
No cell service required
Automatically updates with new features (both App & beacon)
One smart device watches up to 5 crew members
Perfect also for children, pets, a towed dinghy or bilge alarm
Activates with water immersion OR separation from vessel
Rescue: Shows crew overboard bearing, plus distance & lat/long coordinates at point of loss
Bearing adjusts as boat moves and “MOB Compass” points to location
30x faster response than Personal AIS Beacon at 1/3 the price
WINNER, 2017 Sail Magazine Innovation Award
WINNER, 2017 DAME Design Award

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