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Category: Charts - Paper – Private >> Fishing >> Kingfisher Clermont Chain 7002
Kingfisher Clermont Chain 7002

Kingfisher Clermont Chain 7002


Kingfisher Clermont Chain 7002

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Catalog # KF7002

Kingfisher Clermont Chain 7002

The city of Clermont lies along the shore of this 11-lake chain. Lakes range in size from 20 to 3,634 acres, and most are tea-colored. Lake Minneola (1,888 acres), in the center of the chain, is the only lake that normally has clear water. Threadfin shad are a productive bait for bass. Worms, crickets and small spinner baits are good for bluegill and shellcracker. Minnows and jigs are good for speckled perch. Channel catfish are abundant and 20 pounders are not uncommon. An unusual bait for catfish is freshly caught gar, filleted and cut into one-inch cubes and fished near the bottom. A fishing pier on Lake Minneola provides access to bank anglers. Most of the lakes have fish attractors that are marked with a buoy to indicate the center of the attractor. Public boat ramps are located on Lake Minneola ($5 fee); and on the Palatlakaha River, on Hull Road off C.R. 561A, just upstream of Lake Louisa (3,634 acres). All lakes are Fish Management Areas so a fishing license is required for most anglers; check your Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Sportfishing Guide and Regulations Summary for rules pertaining to Fish Management Areas.

Clermont Chain. 24″x36″ One-sided. Waterproof and Tear Resistant! GPS Compatible, Mairina Listings, Lake Structure, Road Network and More

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