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Category: Books >> Children >> A Storm Without Rain
A Storm Without Rain

A Storm Without Rain


A Storm Without Rain

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Catalog # 0937822809

A perennial favourite, reprinted for a new generation. Jan Adkins’ young adult novel is about a 15-year-old named Jack Carter, who does not want to give a speech at his grandfather's 93rd birthday celebration. So off he sails to an island on Buzzard's Bay near Cape Cod. But he is caught there in a storm, a storm without rain that transports him back in time to his New England home town in 1904, where he becomes the best friend, shipmate and co-conspirator to a 15-year-old version of his grandfather. More than a fantasy, the town and times and most of the people the boys meet are factual. What a young man learns about family, love and the march of time might just affect you as well.

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