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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Seamanship >> Stress Free Motorboating
Stress Free Motorboating

Stress Free Motorboating


Stress Free Motorboating

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Catalog # 9781472927828

Stress Free Motorboating

Does docking or anchoring your boat alone trigger beads of sweat? Are you paralyzed by the thought of boating solo? Stress-Free Motorboating is the answer to all single or shorthanded crews' prayers. Profusely illustrated with color step-by-step photographs (and links to videos), Stress-Free Motorboating tackles and teaches the most common boating situations, including getting out of (and then back in) a marina berth, anchoring, mooring, motoring in waves, and emergencies like crew overboard. Any boater, whether aboard a 35-footer, a sports runabout, or a 60-foot displacement cruiser on the coast or inland waterway will benefit from additional essential advice, including fuel monitoring, engine care and maintenance, battery life and care--essential topics for mastery, since after all, a motorboat's only means of propulsion is the engine. Stress-Free Motorboating is also the perfect book to brush up on techniques if you are contemplating a canal boat charter--it's like taking a seasoned skipper aboard to help you in a pinch.

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