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Parlor Dominoes

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Parlor Dominoes


Parlor Dominoes

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 2185308001

Parlor Dominoes comes in a sturdy wooden box with authentic components that are reminiscent of the early days of our company, which was founded in 1922. This classic product features two complete sets of hand-cut, vintage hardwood double-6 dominoes (56 in all) in complimentary colors and a 10-page rule book. The rules feature instructions for 5 games and 5 additional variations, including one from the 1850s. Parlor Dominoes is a faithful reproduction of one of our original sets, as it might look if you were to discover it while clambering around in your grandparents’ attic. We hope you’ll enjoy this product, and that it will find its way into your attic for your grandchildren to discover.


• 56 Hand-cut Vintage Double-6 Dominoes
• Hand-crafted Wooden Storage Box
• Illustrated Instructions For 5 Games And 5 Additional Variations, Including A Game From The 1850s

Manufacturer's Suggested Age: 6 Years and Up
Game Board Dimensions: 10.6 L x 10.6 W ''

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