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Wild Blue Yonder

Wild Blue Yonder


Wild Blue Yonder

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Catalog # 9783832734343

All are welcome--painters and mountaineers, mystics and poets, ranchers and socialites, bombshells and philistines, soldiers and activists, upstarts and old-timers--provided their stories lift the spirit, inspire the mind, or provoke a new way of seeing the world. This engaging, democratic impulse connects the All-American series of art journals, curated for the past 15 years by the photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber. This year, in his 16th issue, Weber continues his exploration of American culture-the lofty and the everyday, the famous and the obscure. As the title suggests, this year's edition is devoted to adventurers, pioneers, and dreamers--those who strike out for the unknown or work to build a brighter world. Weber offers a portfolio from his recent road trip through West Texas, informed by the romance of Sid Avery's photos on the set of Giant, Toni Frissell's documentary work at the King Ranch, the films of Terrence Malick and Wim Wenders, and the writings of Larry McMurtry and Edna Ferber. The heavens above and below are explored through the story of retired astronaut Scott Kelly, the diving photography of Tim Calver, and the work of the environmentally-minded artist Zaria Forman. Weber also celebrates those committed to transforming the forgotten quarters of their cities--from the radical priest Fr. Mike Pfleger in Chicago to the activist artist Mark Bradford in Los Angeles.

Author: Bruce Weber
Publisher: teNeues Publishing Company
Edition Date: 2016
Number of Pages: 200

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