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Category: >> Solarpuff Merlin Multicolor Solar Lantern Light
Solarpuff Merlin Multicolor Solar Lantern Light

Solarpuff Merlin Multicolor Solar Lantern Light


Solarpuff Merlin Multicolor Solar Lantern Light

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The Merlin SolarPuff provides light in 6 beautiful colors and is excellent for sailing, boating ad- ventures and other maritime activities. The Merlin SolarPuff is also fun for kids. Merlin SolarPuff shines in red, white, pink, green, blue and yellow. The Merlin SolarPuff is designed with high performance fabric specifically engineered for durability, flexibility, is waterproof, oats, and is structured for adaptability. The Merlin SolarPuff is a 4.3 inch cube when popped open and features 10 LED’s and does not require mouth inflation. A full charge in the bright clear sunlight provides up to 8 hours of light. The Merlin Solar- Puff can also blend its colors setting, providing fun mood lighting.

Product specs:

• Solar Powered Flat pack Self Inflating, Origami, Quick PoP-Open Light
• WaterProof: Can float in water and be submerged to 6 feet below water surface.
• Charging in the sun for 8 hours will give enough light for 6-8 hours of light, depending on setting.
• Hygienic: Self Inflates: No need to use mouth or pump to use. No risk of disease or germs spreading.
• Light source: RGB LEDs, each Merlin Solarpuff has 6 colors of light that transition each time you press the button, the last setting automatically transitions through all 6 colors.
• Color lights (red, green, pink/purple, blue, white, yellow)
• Power Output: 1000 mAh
• Lumen: 60-90 Lumens
• Functional Size 4.5”x4.5”x4.5”
• Transport Size: 4.5 x 9”x 0.25” Flat packs to 0.25in thickness
• Weight: 2.6 oz
• Battery: Lithium-ion polymer; No leaking acid, high efficiency for three years of shelf life, after fully charged and put it in storage it will still have charge of 50% after 2 years.
• Diffuser: Light system uses a flexible, high tech-recyclable hybrid PET sail cloth, engineered for extreme conditions.

Manufacturer: Solight

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