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Category: >> Solarpuff Bright White Solar Lantern Light
Solarpuff Bright White Solar Lantern Light

Solarpuff Bright White Solar Lantern Light


Solarpuff Bright White Solar Lantern Light

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The Solar Puff Bright Flat Packable Inflatable Light is designed with sustainable and high-performance fabric specifically engineered for durability, flexibility and water resistance, and is structured for adaptability and recyclability. The Solarpuff flat packs to 0.25 inches and can fit in any back pocket. It emits 90 lumens and can fully charge in the sun in 8 hours, lasting for 8-12 hours of light. If you only get to charge it for 5 hours, it will still last for 5-8 hours of light. The circuit contains a photovoltaic solar panel, 10 Bright LEDS and a lithium-ion polymer battery. It is specifically engineered for extreme outdoor environments. It is a vibrant, mobile, contemporary, and sustainable lighting source, using the limitless power of our sun.

The Mission:

Sales of SolarPuffs directly impacts the social mission of Solight to distribute light in 3rd world and underdeveloped regions, such as, Asia and Sub Saharan Africa, where there are the most vulnerable of stake holders. Also, the sales assist in the original mission, which was assisting disaster relief efforts. The SolarPuff is ideal for emergency and disaster relief, because it auto inflates without using a mouth or pump. When a customer buys a SolarPuff at $30.00 U.S. it allows Solight to subsidize a SolarPuff to someone in a developing region.


• 10 bright LEDS;
• 8 hr charge in sun = 8-12 hrs of light;
• Three light settings: low, high, and blinking or distress signal;
• Water proof and can float;
• 4.3” inch cube when popped open;
• 1 year warranty on solar circuit.

What makes these lights better than others??

• It is creating economic jobs globally;
• Hygienic pop-open origomy technology;
• Promotes education and facilitates studying after dark;
• Lightweight and compact;
• Sustainable energy with zero carbon footprint;
• Constructed of recyclable material;
• Low cost and making it affordable for everyone;
• Enables lighting in rural areas.

Manufacturer: Solight

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