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Category: Books >> Children >> Fluffy Scourge Of The Sea
Fluffy Scourge Of The Sea

Fluffy Scourge Of The Sea


Fluffy Scourge Of The Sea

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Catalog # 1580890997

After canine pirates capture Fluffy and his yacht, things look grim for the elegant poodle. Surrounded by a crew of scurvy sea dogs, he adopts the initially unconvincing persona, "Fluffy the Scourge of the Sea." He soon defeats the pirate captain in a series of challenges: fencing lessons come in handy during a sword fight, gourmet beats gruel in a cooking contest, and a song of hope turns the crew away from piratical thoughts. As silly as a four-year-old could wish for, but witty and well made too, the rhymed couplets flow easily as the likable hero bounds from triumph to triumph, each absurd and unlikely yet seemingly inevitable in the dogs' cartoonlike world. Chesworth's watercolor-and-colored-pencil artwork offers plenty of amusing details as well as well-composed, energetic, entertaining scenes that meld the drama with plenty of comedy.

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