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Category: Charts - Paper - Official >> Cuban >> CUBA CK5 Punta Maisi To Punta Maternillos
CUBA CK5 Punta Maisi To Punta Maternillos

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CUBA CK5 Punta Maisi To Punta Maternillos


CUBA CK5 Punta Maisi To Punta Maternillos

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Catalog # CUBA05

The Cuban Yachting Charts, commonly referred to as Cuban Chart Kits, consists of a series of 8 chart-books that cover virtually the entire Cuban coast. Each chart-book contains 6 to 12 detailed color charts, which are accurate for use with GPS. The scale of the charts range from 1: 500,000 to 1: 5,000 for selected harbors. Not every harbor is covered, but the most desirable harbors for yachtsmen are included. Each chart displays the depths in meters and the charts include information in both English and Spanish in this chart kit!

Cuba CK5 - Punta De Maisi To Punta Maternillos is part 5 of the series. Good graphical representations of the topography when sailing Cuban waters is essential. Each chart is characterized by fine contours and easy to distinguish color graduations of the depth lines. Presented in a handy, user friendly size, enabling the chartkit to be easily accessed or stored. Ensure your adventures to this stunning region is a success with the guide of the Cuban Yachting Charts!

Dimensions: 15 1/2 x 22 1/4 ''

Chart Index:

5.1 - Punta De Maisi To Punta Guarico 1: 150,000
5.2 - Punta De Jaragua To Punta Resbalosa 1: 150,000
5.3 - Bahia De Yaguaneque To Cabo Lucrecia 1: 150,000
5.4 - Cabo Lucrecia To Bahia De Gibara 1: 150,000
5.5 - Punta Rasa To Punta Roma 1: 150,000
5.6 - Bahia De Manati To Cayo Sabinal 1: 150,000

Author: Edimar Nautical Chart Agency
Publisher: GEOCUBA
Edition Date: 2016
Number of Pages:

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