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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Reference >> You,Your Club And The Law
You,Your Club And   The Law

You,Your Club And   The Law


You,Your Club And The Law

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Catalog # 9780972606868

You,Your Club And The Law discusses possible legal issues that frequently occur for people/clubs and gives general guidance on the process to resolve such issues. A large portion of the text contained withinYou, Your Club And The Law originates from appellate opinions involving real people and real problems. The cases included are based on broad legal principles that are common throughout the United States and its territories. Think of this book as the chart that you study before you pilot your boat into unfamiliar waters. Like the chart, it tells where you are likely to encounter rocks, shoals and eddies. If you concentrate and think ahead, you should be able to avoid them without difficulty; if you're sloppy or lose your concentration, you'll probably need professional help getting out.


• Introduction
• Making The Laws
• Taxes
• The Law in Daily Life
• Federal and State Statutes
• Discrimination: Private Clubs and Public Accommodations
• The Role of the Counselor
• Conclusion
• Index
• About the Author

Author: P/C Joseph A. Tringali, J.D.
Publisher: Calkins Harbor Publishing
Edition Date: 2016
Number of Pages: 135

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