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Where There Is No Pet Doctor

Where There Is No Pet Doctor


Where There Is No Pet Doctor

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Where There Is No Pet Doctor

THIRD EDITION! A health care manual for people traveling with pets in areas where limited veterinary facilities are available. Directed at long distance or off-shore cruising sailors, the information is also applicable to pet owners living or traveling in RV's or those in wilderness or third world environments. Addresses ways that you, as a pet owner with common sense and a few skills, may be able to treat temporarily until professional care is available, and includes info on how to best prepare your pet for obtaining an import permit into the greatest number of countries. Includes a rating system to rate various procedures according to degree of difficulty and possible risk to the patient. Included are suggested lists of drugs and supplies, again rated according to user skill level and duration of trip. A drug formulary is provided which gives proper drug dosages for many medications, even if limited only to your human medical kit. In addition to cruising sailors, this book is applicable to backwoods travelers, international travelers, and those spending substantial time in areas where veterinary services are unavailable.

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