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Category: Guides >> Cruising >> Atlantic Islands 6TH Edition
Atlantic Islands 6TH Edition

Atlantic Islands 6TH Edition


Atlantic Islands 6TH Edition

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Catalog # 9781846236495

Atlantic Islands (6th Edition) covers the Azores, Canaries, Madeira and Cape Verde Islands. The sixth edition of Atlantic Islands builds on solid foundations - the author's long familiarity with the area, an invaluable network of local contacts, and the constant flow of information and feedback received from yachtsmen and women during the lifetime of the previous edition. For this edition the coverage has been extended to include Bermuda. This new section is an important development especially for US-based yachts and for the east-bound Atlantic crossing. New photos and new and revised harbour plans support the fully updated text. Whether you seek authoritative pilotage information, comprehensive details of available facilities, or simply suggestions for planning an enjoyable cruise, you will find them all in his new edition of Atlantic Islands.

Author: Anne Hammick Frin & Hilary Keatinge
Publisher: Imray,Laurie,Norie & Wilson Ltd
Edition Date: 2016
Number of Pages: 420

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