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Category: Software/Hardware/Acc >> Navigation >> Timezero - Furuno Sounder Module
Timezero - Furuno Sounder Module

Timezero - Furuno Sounder Module


Timezero - Furuno Sounder Module

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Catalog # TZ-102

Adding the Sounder Module to TIMEZERO turns it into an essential tool for a successful fishing. Thanks to its fully compatibility with Furuno Digital Filter (FDF™) fish finders, the sounder module allows you to enjoy on your PC all the advanced features of Furuno sounders.
Directly connected to the echo Sounder or via a NavNet3D equipment, the Sounder module unlocks in TIMEZERO a dedicated Work Space to display and control FURUNO fish finders DFF1, DFF3, FCV1150, DFF1-UHD and BBDS1, and provides features such as: Sounder Echogram, Accu-Fish, Bottom Discrimination.

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