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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Navigation Tools >> Chart Magnifiers >> Led Book Light XTRAFLEX2 Black
Led Book Light XTRAFLEX2 Black

Led Book Light XTRAFLEX2 Black


Led Book Light XTRAFLEX2 Black

In stock
Catalog # MB40510

The Led Book Light XTRAFLEX2 (Black) provides 12 lumens of light and lasts for 28 hours! With a bright white LED and long battery life, the budget-friendly XtraFlex2 is an incredible bargain. Clip it to any surface, use it freestanding, or carry it. You have full control over the gooseneck to illuminate your pages just right.


• Two bright white energy-efficient LEDs;
• Durable LEFs last 100,000 hours;
• Precisely engineered lens spreads light evenly;
• Two level light switch;
• Flexible goosneck;
• Clip opens extra-wide.

Includes 3 AAA batteries!

Manufacturer: Mighty Bright

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