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Category: Charts - Paper - Official >> British Admiralty >> BA Only >> BA 8179 Port Approach Guide Aveiro
BA 8179 Port Approach Guide Aveiro

BA 8179 Port Approach Guide Aveiro


BA 8179 Port Approach Guide Aveiro

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Catalog # B8179

Port Approach Guide Aveiro

Each chart in this expanding range focuses on a single port, and contains extra, relevant planning information for the port approach.

These charts are designed to be used alongside either official paper or digital nautical charts, they help to make the planning of port entry and exit quicker and easier, and aid the berth to berth planning process.

Additional planning information may include general information including contact details and harbour regulations, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) information, principal lights and landmarks, specific warnings, tide and climate information, anchorages and prohibited areas, dangerous cargo, pilotage, berth information and port services.

Publisher: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Edition Date: 02/11/2016
UKHO Folio No: 18
UKHO Catalogue Page: 140

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