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Category: Guides >> Cruising >> Pacific Crossing Guide 3RD ED
Pacific Crossing Guide 3RD ED

Pacific Crossing Guide 3RD ED


Pacific Crossing Guide 3RD ED

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Catalog # 9781472935342

Pacific Crossing Guide 3RD Edition

The Definitive Guide to Crossing the Planet's Largest Ocean

The Pacific Crossing Guide has guided thousands of mariners across the wide Pacific. Now in its third edition, this trusted classic provides the latest on major routes, piloting information for hundreds of ports and approaches, as well as the latest on rallies, atoll navigation, and Pacific festivals you don't want to miss. The challenges of modern weather patterns (el Nino and la Nina), the unique aspects of Pacific weather, updated communications, and the latest country clearing in steps are explored in depth, as well as vessel stability, current and wind patterns unique to the Pacific, the largest body of water on the planet. Written under the watchful of the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the Pacific Crossing Guide is the definitive word on the best routes and seasons to tackle this ultimate sailing challenge.

Extensively illustrated with Navionics harbor charts, and all important mileage charts and routes maps, this is both a hardcore planning guide and a gorgeous dreamer's bible. The whole Pacific is at your fingertips in this updated edition. Dream of your landfall in Fiji and or a cruise around New Zealand.

Author: Kitty van Hagen
Publisher: Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation
Edition Date: 2016
Number of Pages: 256

Table of Contents

1 Casting Off

2 The Pacific Ocean

3 Preparing the boat

4 Staying Safe

5 Navigation and charting

6 Communications

7 The balance of power

8 Routine maintenance and spares

9 Provisioning and store keeping

10 Common health problems while cruising

11 Managing the paperwork

12 Cyclone season and laying up

13 Pacific weather and weather forecasts

14 Routes to the Marquesas
West Coast to Marquesas

15 French Polynesia (the Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands)
The Marquesas

16 Southern routes via Easter Island and the Australs or direct between Chile and New Zealand
Galapagos to Easter Island
Chile to Easter Island

17 Bora Borato Tonga and Samoa via the Cook Islands
The Cook Islands

18 Routes between 'the Islands' and New Zealand
Tonga to Fiji
Tonga to New Zealand
New Zealand

19 Routes to and from Tasmania and the East Coast of Australia
Vanuatu or New Caledonia to Australia
Australia to New Caledonia or Vanuatu

20 Routes to and from Hawaii in the East Pacific
Panama to Hawaii via Galapagos

21 Routes south and west from Hawaii
Routes south from Hawaii
Fast track to New Zealand
South among the islands
The Line Islands, Kiribati
Hawaii to Samoa
Samoan Islands

22 Routes north from New Zealand to Japan and Alaska
New Zealand to Hawaii via Tahiti
The direct route north
New Zealand to the Aleutians via Japan

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