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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Taste Of Cuba
Taste Of Cuba

Taste Of Cuba


Taste Of Cuba

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Catalog # 9781566565752

Taste Of Cuba takes the reader on a tasty journey throughout the Caribbean's largest island: from soups, side dishes, appetizers and desserts to all the local favorites, this culinary adventure covers it all. Cuban cuisine is a fascinating mixture of cultures and ingredients drawn from the island's complex history and its wide-ranging natural resources. It includes the early influences of native Cuban Indians (with their cassava, taro root, corn, and black beans), the arrival of the Spanish colonizers with the cash crops of coffee and sugar, as well as their stuffed roasted meats and peppers, and of course, the African slaves who brought okra and plantain. Today, all these are such important elements of Cuban cuisine that it seems as though they have always been present on the island. Add a little Havana Club and some salsa music to the pot and the story of Cuban cuisine really begins to take shape.

Author: Beatriz Llamas
Publisher: Interlink Books
Edition Date: 2009
Number of Pages: 139

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