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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Design >> Megayacht True Stories Of Adventure Drama
Megayacht True Stories Of Adventure Drama

Megayacht True Stories Of Adventure Drama


Megayacht True Stories Of Adventure Drama

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Catalog # 9780970313508

Megayacht True Stories Of Adventure, Drama And Tragedy At Sea provides ten true stories, which explode with action aboard magnificent seagoing palaces of the wealthy. Including comedy, tragedy, success, failure, life, death and more, this book delivers sea adventures like no other. Megayacht True Stories reveals fascinating aspects of seagoing life on chartered and privately-owned luxury yachts for some of the world's richest individuals, as seen through the eyes of the men at the helm and their crew. These captains and mates, whose lives are often intricately bonded with their vessels and the owners, have reported these actual encounters and situations that are brought together by authors, Buddy Haack and Doug Hoogs, well-known megayacht captains for many years. A superb voyage of adventure, this book will mesmerize anyone who loves the sea and respects its power.

Author: Buddy Haack, Doug Hoogs
Publisher: Ikon Publishing
Edition Date: 2012
Number of Pages: 224

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