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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Design >> L Francis Herreshoff Yacht Designer
L Francis Herreshoff Yacht Designer

L Francis Herreshoff Yacht Designer


L Francis Herreshoff Yacht Designer

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Catalog # 9780939511433

L. Francis Herreshoff was a remarkable yacht designer of his time. Beginning his career in the shadow of his famous father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff. Known for his unconventional designs and his innovative engineering of hull and rig. This publication is heavily illustrated with 166 plans and 124 illustrations including 9 foldout pages, as well as telling a comprehensive story of his life. Volume one ends with his design of the unorthodox J-boat Whirlwind, a contender for the defense of the America's Cup in 1930, a definite turning point in Herreshoff's life and work. The forthcoming volume 2 will feature the famous cruising designs of his later career.

Author: Roger C. Taylor
Publisher: Mystic Seaport Museum
Edition Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 449

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