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Category: >> RYA Rigging Handbook G86
RYA Rigging Handbook G86

RYA Rigging Handbook G86


RYA Rigging Handbook G86

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Catalog # 9781906435509

Rigging is often portrayed as a black art which means that cruising sailors lack the confidence to tamper or adjust it through the fear of the unknown. RYA Rigging Handbook aims to change that by splicing together a whole range of little known gems about rigging allowing the reader to fully get into the heart of this frequently overlooked subject. The author’s authoritative text will guide you through the practical side of putting a yacht’s rig together by covering various topics in the respective chapters:

• Dressing and rigging a new mast
• Tuning the rig
• Reefing systems
• Marlinspike seamanship
• Care and maintenance

This practical guide shines light on this subject to give the reader the necessary knowledge to put yacht rigs together and then maintain them. This valuable insight will help bring confidence and peace of mind to any cruising sailor.

Author: Allan Barwell
Publisher: RYA
Edition Date: 2013
Number of Pages: 80

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