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Category: >> RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques G94
RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques G94

RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques G94


RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques G94

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Catalog # 9781906435448

RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques (G94) is the perfect companion for any skipper or crew looking for the basic skills to enjoy cruising in good conditions.

Contents include:

• The layout and equipment on a small to medium sized yacht
• The essential safety information that all need to know before getting underway
• Basic maintenance
• Manoeuvring in a marina
• Handling under sail
• Anchoring and mooring
• Man overboard rescue strategy

This will provide you with enough information to enjoy relaxed yacht cruising in favorable conditions with a family, particularly for flotilla or bare boat holidays. That means fair weather, light to moderate winds, little or no tide, a quiet sailing area, easily assessed navigational hazards, well protected anchorages with good holding and uncrowded marinas.

Author: Jeremy Evans
Publisher: RYA
Edition Date: 2012
Number of Pages: 208

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