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Category: Guides >> Cruising >> CCC Cruising Scotland 2ND ED
CCC Cruising Scotland 2ND ED

CCC Cruising Scotland 2ND ED


CCC Cruising Scotland 2ND ED

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Catalog # 9781846236976

CCC Cruising Scotland (2nd Edition) has been designed as a companion to the Clyde Cruising Club's Sailing Directions and covers the Scottish west coast from the Clyde to Cape Wrath and all the outlying islands. It was first written by the late Journal Editor, Mike Balmforth, in conjunction with the Editor of the Sailing Directions, Edward Mason, who has now prepared this updated first edition in collaboration with Imrays. Cruising Scotland provides additional information, points of interest and many photographs and is a fascinating and invaluable addition to the Club's publications. No yacht cruising the Scottish west coast should be without a copy.

Author: Clyde Cruising Club
Publisher: Imray,Laurie,Norie & Wilson Ltd
Edition Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 222

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