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Category: Uncharted Voyage
Uncharted Voyage

Uncharted Voyage

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Uncharted Voyage

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 9780989309608

Uncharted Voyage

UNCHARTED VOYAGE is the electrifying story of present-day sex traffickers running their operation out of Europe under the guise of an elaborate and dangerous ruse. They are masters at abducting young women by force or by enticing them with high-paying jobs through bogus modeling agencies. But they are less adept at transporting their captives from Barcelona to wealthy buyers overseas. Their solution: disguise the voyage using a large and celebrated American sailing yacht and crew. All that’s lacking is a captain who’s willing to take on such a loathsome and high-risk enterprise.

Vincent Ritter is a skilled American sea captain desperate to make his fortune but stuck on the island of Mallorca without a ship. He’s so down on his luck that he’ll do anything to get a new command. He meets charismatic Spanish socialite, Carlos Riego, who offers him a ship and a great deal of money for smuggling guns to Basque separatists. But in a waterfront bar Vincent overhears sketchy pieces of gossip that cause him to become apprehensive about his client’s real intentions. His suspicions lead him on
a serpentine quest for truth, and the horror of what he discovers forces him to make a hard choice: go for the money or sabotage the operation.

In this classic thriller the author delivers a scathing exposé of one of the world’s most ancient and ignored crimes.

Author’s Bio

Rafael Montserrat is of Catalan Spanish descent and traveled to Catalunya and Mallorca to visit relatives and sail the Mediterranean. In 1960 and ‘61 he first went to sea on two voyages from San Francisco to Tahiti on Sterling Hayden’s 1892 Schooner Wanderer. In the mid-1960s he graduated with a degree in history from the University of California, Berkeley. From 1993 to 2002 he held a 100 ton U.S. Merchant Marine Master’s License with sail and radar endorsements.

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