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Category: Mole Sisters And The Blue Egg
Mole Sisters And The Blue Egg

Mole Sisters And The Blue Egg

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Mole Sisters And The Blue Egg

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The Mole Sisters are looking for something special. They venture into a hollow tree and follow a long staircase up, up, up. The Sisters go out on a limb to play in a bird's nest and then back down again. When they spy a beautiful blue egg, they know they have found a new treasure. The Mole Sisters make the most out of each day. Full of fun, imagination, and quiet confidence, these are small creatures with very big hearts. Their unfaltering optimism is contagious, bringing smiles to faces everywhere. With bright, lush colored-pencil artwork, Roslyn Schwartz conveys the Mole Sisters' love for life with a minimum of text that is easy to follow for toddlers and preschoolers.

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