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Category: Bloody Ground
Bloody Ground

Bloody Ground

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Bloody Ground

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Catalog # 006093719X

In this fourth, final, and rousing installment of Nathaniel Starbuck's Civil War adventures, Nate is given command of a punishment battalion: a motley collection of cowards, thieves, deserters, and murderers. Setting off to Join General Robert E. Lee's army, Starbuck's men reach Harper's Ferry in time to take part in Stonewall Jackson's capture of the Union garrison. From there, the regiment moves on to the legendary horror of Sharpsburg, beside the Antietam Creek, forever to be remembered as the bloodiest single day of the war. There, Starbuck and his troop will have their courage and commitment tested as never before.

Author: Bernard Cornwell
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 368
Published: 2001-09-18
Language: English

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