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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Diving/Fishing/Sports >> Saltwater Tales
Saltwater Tales

Saltwater Tales


Saltwater Tales

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Catalog # 9780764349027

Saltwater Tales

John Unkart has been relied upon for years to keep readers informed about cutting-edge tips and tactics to help fishermen catch more fish. Here is a collection of true-life fishing adventures from shallow bay to deep blue water. These fascinating accounts are from the chronicles of a fisherman who has guided clients, friends, and family in pursuit of saltwater species. Unkart’s catch techniques are responsible for creating unforgettable memories and are explained here in detail. Learn professional fishing strategies while embarking on entertaining saltwater journeys that are seeded with tips, tricks, and information that will help everyone become a better fisherman—from the beginner to the seasoned angler. The stories were written as they unfolded, with many of the photos capturing actual moments of the catch. Read this book for enjoyment...catch more fish as a much-appreciated side effect.

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