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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Lifestyle >> Sailing Fascination
Sailing Fascination

Sailing Fascination


Sailing Fascination

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Catalog # 9780764342684

Sailing Fascination

Heinrich Hecht ranks among the world's most renowned sailing photographers. He has maintained his place on the international market for more than twenty years. The America's Cup and Olympic sailing competitions are his field just as much as classic yachting and picturesque sailing on the Steinhuder Meer, where his classic H-Dinghy lies. It is the broad spectrum of sailing and yachting that fascinates the versatile photographer. This sport welds people together on board, as they cannot be more different. Hecht is friends with stars and have-nots of the sailing world, with globetrotters and weekend sailors. His enthusiasm for sailing and the beauty of ships speaks from the pictures in this book. Hans-Harald Schack works in Berlin and sails on the Baltic Sea. This journalist and author has reported on sailing since the 1980s.

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