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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Seamanship >> Boat Maneuvers
Boat Maneuvers

Boat Maneuvers


Boat Maneuvers

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Catalog # 9780870336324

Boat Maneuvers

To coast the waves of the open water on a boat, flying through sun and spray, is to experience one of life's truly memorable pleasures. This compact, colorful book is your complete guide to operating and safely maneuvering your sail or motor boat! Inside you will find clearly outlined steps and guidelines for boating basics, like mooring and casting off, approach techniques, setting sails for wind direction, navigating by compass, sailor's knots and rope management techniques, shooting head to wind, and more. These maneuvers and their many situation-specific examples are detailed here in clear and straightforward diagrams that are easy to understand and execute. Boat Maneuvers is indispensible guidance for new and accomplished boaters alike.

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