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Category: Guides >> Travel >> 43 Bridges To The Florida Keys
43 Bridges To The Florida Keys

43 Bridges To The Florida Keys


43 Bridges To The Florida Keys

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43 Bridges To The Florida Keys is your official guide to the stunning Florida Keys. From over 500 hundred years ago to present day, visitors have come first in expeditions and exploration of a wild, natural group of islands totally dependent on natures blue print of the ebb and flow of tides and hurricanes. In the beginning, it was coconuts and mangroves that caused the ultimate firmament of the Florida Keys. Down through thousands of years, hundreds of varieties of fish, amphibians, mammals and reptiles were the original residents, as well as billions of mosquitos, that for hundreds of years kept people at bay. The evolution of the Keys from Flagler’s railroad times, the pineapples plantations, sponging, turtling and commercial fishing has now led to today’s, mostly tamed islands. These islands are now strung together for today’s tourism boom, by 43 bridges on the Overseas Highway to the Florida Keys.

Author: Bob T. and Barbara Epstein
Publisher: Wild Water Productions Company
Edition Date: 2013
Number of Pages: 74

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