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Category: Featured >> Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas 6TH ED
Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas 6TH ED

Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas 6TH ED

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Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas 6TH ED

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Catalog # 9780982877555

Unlike the other parts of the Bahamas with miles of shallow bank, there is much deep water and little dry land in the Far Bahamas islands, spread out over hundreds of miles from Eleuthera to Inagua. Explorer Chartbook Far Bahamas with Turks & Caicos (6th Edition) offers first-time Need-to-Know coverage and accurate charts from on-site surveys as your adventure takes you beyond the Bahamas.

  • 91 cruiser-friendly Explorer Charts + Insets;
  • On-scene GPS way-points and routes;
  • The most up-to-date and complete source of information on services and facilities;
  • WGS 84 datum, extensive hydrophobic and topographical features to scale;
  • GPS grid and border scales;
  • Tide tables 2015-17;
  • Table of recommended marinas and services for all of the Bahamas.

Author: Monty and Sara Lewis
Publisher: Lewis Offshore Ltd.
Edition Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 89

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