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Category: Weems Hand Bearing Compass
Weems Hand Bearing Compass

Weems Hand Bearing Compass

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Weems Hand Bearing Compass

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Catalog # WP2005

The Hand Bearing Compass W & P can be used effectively in two separate ways. First, to take the bearing of a point, the compass is held near the eye and read down the line of sight. A stable bearing appears in the prism in perfect focus day or night. Secondly, for quick reference, a heading can be determined by looking straight down at the compass and reading the degree shown with the magnifying lens. The contrasting black and red numbers on the compass card make it quick and easy to read. Also, the compass features a liquid-dampened card with photo luminescent night. Therefore, no batteries are required. A colorful, sturdy, rubber housing protects the compass and includes an integral lanyard, which serves as a neck or wrist strap. The compass has a lifetime warranty, is factory certified, and is accurate to within 1 degree. The package includes directions for use and a numbered calibration certificate.

  • Superior damping gives quick and highly accurate readings to within 1 degree;
  • Infinity prism delivers in-focus compass readings;
  • Using the object instead of a lubber line makes readings easier & more accurate;
  • Photo luminescent card provides battery free illumination;
  • Protective rubber collar with neck/wrist lanyard ensures safe use in challenging environment;
  • Also works at high altitudes.

Dimensions: 1-3/16" High X 3-3/16" Diameter
Weight: 4.6 Ounces

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