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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Voyaging >> On The Winds Of Destiny
On The Winds Of Destiny

On The Winds Of Destiny


On The Winds Of Destiny

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This inspirational story is told through Betty's eyes.There's seven people on board, Betty being the only woman. On the Winds of Destiny is a story of their amazing 3-year-42000 mile journey around the world. Betty's will and strength is tested as she lives on board with six
sloopy men. They survive mother nature's tantrums of 20-foot seas, squalls and hurricane force winds.Four men leave and they hire crew. She's happy at first until the crew starts having problems. But it's not all bad. Betty experiences the beauty of the world, the happy faces of other sailors and the loving spirits of the natives on small islands. Diving in waters where few people go and seeing the untouched beauty is worth it. Making love on secluded islands of palm trees and white sandy beaches, is so romantic.On the Winds of Destiny is a work of passion, determination, and man's desire to conquer his fears of Mother Nature.

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