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Category: Publications >> Digital Publications >> Sailing Directions >> NP 36 Indonesia Pilot Vol 1 Digital
NP 36 Indonesia Pilot Vol 1 Digital

NP 36 Indonesia Pilot Vol 1 Digital


NP 36 Indonesia Pilot Vol 1 Digital

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Catalog # E-NP36

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Admiralty Sailing Directions 36 covers the west coast of Jawa, north coast of Jawa eastwards to Tanjung Bandoh, south and east coasts of Sumatera, Selat Sunda, Selat Bungka, Selat Gelasa, Selat Karimata, south and west coasts of Kalimantan from Tanjung Puting to Pulau Pontianak, Pulau-pulau Badas and Tambelan, Pulau-pulau Lingga and Riau, with the various routes leading to Singapore and South China Sea.

This publication contains quality color photographs and views, as well as information on navigational hazards, buoyage, meteorological data, details of pilotage, regulations, port facilities and guides to major port entry.

Author: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Publisher: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
Edition Date: 8th Edition

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