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Category: Publications >> Paper Publications >> Professional >> IMO >> 2011 Esp Code 2013 Edition
2011 Esp Code 2013 Edition

2011 Esp Code 2013 Edition


2011 Esp Code 2013 Edition

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # IB265E

The International Code on the Enhanced Programme of Inspections During Surveys of Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers (2011 ESP Code) provides requirements for an enhanced programme of inspections during surveys of single-hull and of double-hull bulk carriers and single-hull and double-hull oil tankers, in accordance with the provision of SOLAS regulation XI-1/2 and in line with the IACS UR Z10 series.

In provides, in particular, special requirements for:

-renewal, annual and intermediate surveys
-preparations for surveys
-documentation on board
-procedures for thickness measurements
-reporting and evaluation of surveys

ISBN 9789280115529

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