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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Diving/Fishing/Sports >> Incredible And True Fishing Stories
Incredible And True Fishing Stories

Incredible And True Fishing Stories


Incredible And True Fishing Stories

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Catalog # 9780761180173

Over 33 million people fish in this country. They went on over 455 million fishing trips and spent more than $41 billion on fishing expenses. And what’s almost as good as going fishing? Hearing, telling, and swapping great fish stories. Shaun Morey is a fisherman, a connoisseur of fish stories, and a journalist with a novelist’s eye (and vice versa) whose first collection, Incredible Fishing Stories, has 471,000 copies in print. In the years since that book’s publication, Morey has continued to reel in jaw-dropping tales, and the result is a new collection of over 100 even more incredible fishing stories.

Here are Remarkable Catches—like the time Billy Sandifer caught a 1,000-pound tiger shark in the surf (he released it after nabbing a souvenir tooth). Grueling Battles—like Bob Ploeger’s record-breaking 37-hour fight with a Pacific salmon. Hilarious Feats of Bravery, like the exploits of Matt Watson, who leapt out of a helicopter to land on the back of a marlin. And, in what can only be considered poetic justice, Shocking Acts of Fish Aggression, like Mitchell Lee Franklin’s visit to the emergency room with a 5-pound catfish attached to his chest via an impaled dorsal fin. Includes illustrations, photos, and links to videos on the author’s website.

ISBN-13: 9780761180173
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 5/6/2014
Pages: 224

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