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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Sea/Seashore/Nature >> Sea Glass Treasures From The Tide
Sea Glass Treasures From The Tide

Sea Glass Treasures From The Tide


Sea Glass Treasures From The Tide

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Catalog # 9781581572094

SeaGlass Treasures From The Tide

We may never find message in a bottle, but most of us have fond memories of collecting beach glass. Let the images captured in Treasures from the Tide bring you back to a simpler time and the joy of discovery. This unique photo keepsake celebrates the simple beauty of found objects.

Beaches remind us of simple pleasures—swimming in the surf, building sand castles, and collecting smooth, opalescent beach glass. These once man-made objects, perhaps glass bottles or insulators, were broken, rolled and tumbled by the waves, and smoothed into something completely different, something—almost—natural again. Beach glass is found art.

Why we take such pleasure in these bits and pieces of manufactured materials reclaimed by nature may be something to contemplate while enjoying Treasures from the Tide—the author surely has, and she conveys that pleasure in playful, organic sculptures that come to life in the interplay of colors and shapes and their interaction with the sand and surf they came from. The sense of a moment in time captured in these photos is like an insect captured in amber, and, in this book, beach glass becomes just as precious.

Author: Cindy Bilbao
Publisher: Countryman Press
Edition Date: 2014
Number of Pages: 96

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