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Category: Goddess For Hire
Goddess For Hire

Goddess For Hire

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Goddess For Hire

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A hip chick from Newport Beach, California, who's just turned thirty, discovered she's the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali,and happens to be unemployed and still livingwith her parents. Saving the world, though,may prove to be a curry-scented breezecompared to dealing with her extendedIndian family. In their eyes she isn't just theblack sheep -- she's low-grade mutton.
To make matters worse, despite frequent andtherapeutic bouts of shopping and Starbucks,and the mentoring of a Taco Bell-loving,Coca Cola-guzzling swami, Maya hastrouble just surviving, thanks to the attentionsof a Kali-hating fanatic and a matchmaking aunthell-bent on finding her a nice Indian boy. Maya hasno interest in boys. She wants a man and she may have found one.
He's tall, dark, and gorgeous ... and completely uninterested in her.
In the name of all that's holy and fashionable ...what on Earth is a goddess to do?

Author: Sonia Singh
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: 2004
Binding: Softcover

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