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Sailing A Serious Ocean

Sailing A Serious Ocean


Sailing A Serious Ocean

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Catalog # 9780071704403


Sailing A Serious Ocean - Sailboats, storms, stories, and lessons learned from 30 years at sea.

Author John Kretschmer

A fabulous new book authored by John Kretschmer in which he tells the reader what to expect when sailing long distances on the oceans of the world. He shares many of his own personal experiences and explains how he handled each one and returned to shore to tell the tale!

John has sailed more than 300,000 miles and endured numerous storms and emergency situations. This book will give you a real taste of blue water voyaging and let you decide if this is the sort of adventure you are seeking.

John is the author of "At the Mercy of the Sea" and "Flirting with Mermaids" both best selling books.

Hardcover 242 pages
Published 2014 by International Marine a division of McGraw Hill

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