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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Log Books >> RYA Personal Logbook G73
RYA Personal Logbook G73

RYA Personal Logbook G73


RYA Personal Logbook G73

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Catalog # 9781906435066

RYA Personal Log Book G73

This personal logbook is perfect for all boaters who voyage on a number of boats. Within it, there is space to record the distance of journeys, the maximum wind strength and the capacity in which the voyage was sailed. Perfect for recording your seatime. This is the perfect addition to anyone needing to record times and sea service for reference.

Also included are ‘season summaries’ to allow at-a-glance mileage recording and vessel names.

Ideal for the progressing boater, and unique to the RYA, this logbook includes some information and pre-exam requirements for RYA Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster® Offshore and Ocean certificates of competence.

These new logbooks have also been revised to reflect more of the cruiser's needs. With the page layouts staying the same the page proportions have been changed to:

• Introduction and Information: pp.1-10
• Cruise Log Pages: pp.11-103
• Season Summary: pp.104-105
• Summary of Vessels Sailed: pp.106-113
• Names and Addresses: pp.114-119
• Notes: pp.120-127

Author: RYA
Publisher: RYA
Edition Date: 2008
Number of Pages: 128
Format: Hardback

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